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Ota Total Academy Nursery and Primary school is intentional about proper moral and academic development of young learners and has established specially designed programmes and curriculum for a solid start to achieving successes in life’s endeavours.
We are well equipped with qualified teachers and child- centered facilities that are sure to help your children through their formative years.
Our pupils are encouraged to push for success at their own pace and are never abandoned throughout their period of growth.
The school rules and regulations are designed to teach love, care and consideration for others on a daily basis.
When you bring your child to Ota Total Academy Nursery and Primary School, you have taken the first step towards making your child an independent person with standard problem-solving techniques to face the world before them.

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In the course of the existence of the school, much water has passed under the bridge, new experiences have
been acquired, new habit taught and learnt. All are for the main objective of producing a child with a realistic
perception of himself and the society in terms of rights, privileges and obligation.

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