Welcome to Our Mathematics Department

The ultimate goal of the mathematics department is to help every student, regardless of aptitude, reach their full mathematical potential. The department works hard to make learning engaging, motivating, and informative.

We specifically want to improve and develop mathematical knowledge and abilities, the capacity for logical thought, understanding the value and applications of mathematics in the real world, and an appreciation for the beauty and power of mathematics. Enabling the acquisition of an appropriate foundation in the topic in order to promote continued study in mathematics or related fields is equally crucial.

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Limitless Learning, More Possibilities

The department’s of Mathematics at OTA Total Academy strives for excellence in education to open students’ minds to the power, beauty, and utility of the mathematical sciences and to develop their conceptual understanding, problem solving ability, and analytical thinking skills. The department’s policy is to maximize the mathematical potential of each student, regardless of ability. Teachers are encouraged to use mental work, direct teaching, demonstrate, explain and illustrate mathematical ideas, use and give students access to a range of resources, use and expect students to use correct mathematical vocabulary and notation, question students effectively, involve students and maintain their interest through appropriate challenging tasks, differentiate around work common to all the students in a class, smoothen the transition for students between key stages, and explore enriching opportunities outside the curriculum.

Hear what our students have to say


Adeogun Kehinde

(2nd best UTME result 2021)

It is always said that you do not know the value of what you have until you lose it. Never has this applied to me until I left OTA.
Hardly anywhere else will you find a group of teachers that put you first and are dedicated to your academic, physical and emotional growth.
This combined with an exceptional breadth of opportunities, resources and support network makes OTA the best there can be. I can proudly look back upon my time at OTA and say good old times.

Ayobami Ogundiran

(Graduate Student, Howard Univ, USA.)

I still remember my time at Ota Total Academy fondly, and I credit the education and community I experienced there for helping me become the person I am today. I am grateful for the lifelong friendships I made and the skills I gained that have carried me through my career and personal life in the United States.