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Welcome to the Languages Department of our school. Our department is dedicated to helping learners achieve success in language learning and literacy. We offer  solid foundation in English, Yoruba, French and Arabic: all taught by highly qualified and experienced teachers.

Our Department is committed to providing students with a bedrock  in the fundamentals of languages, as well as developing their skills in reading, writing, listening, and speaking. We believe that language learning is not only a vital skill for communication but also a requisite for understanding and appreciating different cultures around the world.

Our curriculum is carefully designed to meet the needs of all students, from those just starting their language learning journey to those preparing for advanced studies in languages. We use a variety of teaching methods, including interactive activities, multimedia resources, and authentic materials, to engage students and make learning fun and meaningful.

In addition to our regular language courses, we also offer extracurricular activities such as language clubs, cultural events, and language immersion programmes. These activities provide students with opportunities to practise their language skills in real-world contexts and to interact with native speakers of the languages they are learning.

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